Voices on the Coast are involved in two writing competitions, listed below. Check back in Term 2, 2017 for further information on both competitions.



Telling Stories

Mooloolaba Rotary, USC and Voices on the Coast:

Writing Competition


In 2016 this inaugural writing competition was aimed at children in Year 4, 5 and 6, with cash prizes. The theme was "I should have told the truth."

Entries closed 22 August 2016



Short Sharp & Snappy

50 Word Writing Competition


Sponsored by Kids on the Coast  magazine. Thank you to Christine Bongers for judging our entries this year.


Year 2-3 Category






There´s still a faint chill in the springtime air,

Winter is gone but the mem´ry´s still there.


Summer is waiting a few months beyond,

To warm the air, the meadow and pond.


A gopher peers from the hole that he makes,

Springtime is when the world awakes.


Sarah Langley

Immanuel Lutheran College


Highly commended




I´m a skateboard kid

Hundreds of trees zoom past me

Gripping feet, balancing hands

I go super fast smiling like a Cheshire cat

Wind floats across my face and arms

Extremely loud wind in my ears

Going down giant grey hill

Put foot down to stop

Tired, puffed, sweating



Joel Shaw

Tewantin State School






Pointed toes

Arms in Second

Light purple tutu and scrunchy

Shimmering sequins

Pale pink leather ballet slippers

Peaceful, soft music

Moving gracefully across the stage

Performing in an Eisteddfod

Trying to win First

Elegant movements

Beautiful ballet


Chelcee Rose

Tewantin State School


Year 4-6 Category




Feline Warrior


Determination in her emerald eyes,

Back arched,

Feet planted firmly on the ground,

Razor sharp claws gripping,

Ready to pounce,

Head lowered, eyeing the prey,

Leaping forth, she makes her move,

Proudness in her emerald eyes.


Daisy Hillen

Tewantin State School


Highly commended




Home from school feeling decayed

Tons of homework all due TODAY

What is the angle of twenty degrees?

How high is the jump of sausage dog fleas?

With questions I loathe, I´m truly toast.;

Then suddenly I know just what to say,

“If you want answers tomorrow, expect a DELAY”!




Rainforest Rag


I was wearing shoes but I felt the damp rainforest seeping through me

Light filtered through the trees, tiny rays of light shattering on my face

Low, majestical, mystical sounds of creatures sharing ghost stories and songs

Light, high bird sounds float away to another place taking you with them.



Sunshine Coast Grammar School


Year 7-9 Category






Of glee we are an incarnation –

Ever dancing, arms surround

Eyes like stars in constellation

Acapella ringing sound.


Running always, listening never

Taking wing beneath the sky

For we are those who dance forever –

We shall never die.


Amy Wortmann

Matthew Flinders


Highly commended


Between the covers


Magic dancing in your eyes,

the frolicking words shoot through you.

Shiny rings and dragons wings,

feather clouds and skies so blue.


In these pages, you are safe,

mental shield protecting.

From gnashing teeth to howling winds,

happiness is peaking.


Pondering comes the realisation,

books are freedom for our minds.


Lucy Taylor

Matthew Flinders




“There´s the ship!” I yelled through the comms, engines roaring. “Load bombs.”

But they were ready for the bombers and already returning fire. The aircraft suddenly

shook, I looked through the screen.

“Engine´s down!”

The plane started plummeting towards the ocean, but there was only one target. The ship.







Other Writing Competitions

Victorian author Chris Bell lists an extensive range of information for young writers, both resources and writing competitions. Thanks to Chris for sharing this information







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