Thursday 20 July 2017: 12.00pm-1.00pm - Why you should be reading and writing YA - Queensland Writers Centre

Topic to discuss


o What is YA? Who reads it? (psst… everyone!)

o What does YA matter? What can we learn from YA, as readers and as writers?

o How to write YA – key themes, genre conventions

o Resources – recommended reads, organisations (for young and adult writers), networks



Presenter: Samantha Schraag - Customer Service Officer, QWC


Samantha Schraag is a Brisbane-based arts worker, literature student and writer. She previously worked in library services developing literature programs for both young and older readers, and facilitated the Mount Isa City Library Writers Group. She developed the first Mount Isa Writers Festival and is an ABC Open contributor and guest blogger. Samantha is interested in food, fashion and storytelling, and enjoys any anime featuring a cat.

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